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franmerida42's Journal

Fran Merida 42 | Your #1 Source For Fran Merida
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· [franmerida42]
welcome to franmerida42, your source for all things fran merida @ livejournal. here at franmerida42, we try our best to keep you updated with news, pictures, videos, interviews and more. you, the members, are allowed to post too, just make sure when you post go back to the last 20-30 entries to see if what you are posting hasn't been posted already :)

the moderators: thiinkingofyou nurly

if you'd like to keep updated please join and friend the community.

· [community rules]

+ please make sure your post is related to fran. if it's related to a different "baby!gunners" or other arsenal players please post it at either babygunners or arsenal

+ if you are posting images over 300x300, more than 3 icons or a banner please put it under a cut, it keeps the community looking tidy, and if the article is too long, put it under a cut also

+ please tag your entries. its extremely important and helps members find old articles and specific posts, thank you

+ you may post fanfictions, but please put them under cuts as i know fanfictions are extremely long and can take up page space

+ please do not start any flame wars or arguments. a little bit of banter is fine now and then, but if it goes further and gets into a full-blown argument please take it away from this community and sort it somewhere else

+ if you dislike fran, or like bashing him please do not join the community nor comment on entries bashing him, if you do so, you will get a warning, failing to stop bashing him and you will get a ban

+ if you wish to ask a question about the community, please feel free to do so in a comment either on a entry here or at the moderators journals

+ enjoy being a part of franmerida42!

· [affiliates]
if you'd like to become an affiliate please post a comment in any entry with the comment subject title as: 'AFFILIATE REQUEST'

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